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Well the SAT is over. Yay! I really didn't think it was too bad... the verbal was kind of a bitch but the math was alright... The school I took it at was fucking scary as hell... we call it "The Ghetto" because it's like 3 stories high but has 3 other stories underground, and the stories that have windows have bars on them and the teachers there are super freaky. Anyways, I was bummed there were NO hot guys in my classroom and I only saw a few before we went in... and I only saw like maybe 5 people I knew besides Robin, Blair, and Matt, who I knew were going. Ok, so yeah, I just slept for 2 hours, it's now 7:15 and I think my night is screwed... I haven't talked to anyone besides Robin who thinks that after the stupid school play she's at we're going to go to the valley, and she won't listen to me when I say it's gonna be too late... I wish there were decent guys around here, I'd really love a boyfriend just about now. Woo woo... well I think I'm doomed to be alone... I never meet any guys this way... and I think subconsciously I've given up... everybody's either too into themselves or too into me or too into someone else (duh) or too *something*. I dunno... it's like when I see people together and happy it's something that's not for me... like I'm observing something I'll never be part of, it's a weird feeling. Not a bad feeling, just a strange one... I dunno, I'm not upset about any of this but, it really *would* be nice...

I'm down for... whatever... what's there left to... wait for?
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