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I Still Feel The Same

Well I haven't written in a couple days... There hasn't been much going on around here. Actually, there's been a lot of stuff- mostly work and boring stuff, and the rest I can't really remember. I have been entertained by the New Kirsten Email/ Blue Hole/ Fanclub/ All About Me saga for the last few days. I feel so out of the loop, since I haven't been to school. Oh well, that's what you get for kicking school in the ass. I tried this really cool horse the other day. The lady told us it was a 45 minute drive, and two hours later we finally got there. That part sucked, but the horse was really talented. I jumped some huge freakin' shit. Like, taller than Jenna shit. Way taller than Jenna and wider too... 5'3. Hmmm, my new nickname is Mouth. Erin's friend Jen gave it to me, she's down here selling cool Nextel phones that are two-way radios too! They're really gnarly. I haven't stopped laughing since we left for dinner 4 hours ago. Between getting picked up on by some random gang guy, watching 4 year olds play ice hockey, and our dinner conversation, we had not a dull moment. Jen and Erin and I are really really funny together, like, nonstop laughing, it's crazy. We jus' bag on eachother but it's hilarious. Plus Jen has really rad relatives that she tries to hook me up with. She tries to set me up with everybody, it's funny. But it's cool, it's amusing. Anyways, ummm, I don't really have much else to say. Oh yeah, ring crew is pretty cute this year, so that's cool. There's two cute guys that look like they're 18-19. I mean, they look my age but they must be out of high school working a job like that. One more thing. Nobody believes that two friends of opposite sexes can simply have a conversation in seclusion. What's up with that? It's possible! I've done it plenty of times! Rookies. This post is so boring, but I'm too tired to think very hard... Ok, I've got tons of stuff to do tommorow, plus I have to make freaking lunch and I didn't buy the stuff I needed, ack!!! Crap, I guess I'll just go get it tommorow and then come here and make lunch... Word.
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