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Frosted Mini Wheats: It's What's For Dinner?

Hello from afar. I'm going to lose 10 pounds by the time Indio is over. I walked about 6 miles today (NO JOKE) across the horse park to run errands and walk my horses, etc. Our golf cart got vandalized by some freaking spoiled Bell Canyon brats who totally got off with no charges even though everybody knew it was them. So our brand new, completely customized golf cart (Erin's pride and joy) is now a pile of black spray paint and scrap metal. They stole most of the good stuff. Back to Indio... In addition to walking more than I ever want to in my entire life, I lifted, pulled, dragged, and stapled so much stuff today that I think all of my extremeties are going to fall off. The horses came in today, so I decided to take my horses for a walk. Global was fine for a few minutes then decided to drag me around, spook at things, then try to eat them. It was like, who's leading who here? Prince was a raving lunatic. This horse has been to more shows in his lifetime than I can count, and has been to Indio at least 4 times, yet everything was going to eat us anyways. I didn't even attempt to take Mick out- I would have been killed. I went grocery shopping for the first time in my life. It was exciting. I bought so much stuff, but I'm gonna be here for a month so I guess it's okay. I saw the funniest commercial today!!! It's a milk commercial. This family is having a picnic and they're eating brownies. They drop some and the camera zooms in on all these squeaking ants and the subtitle says "Mmmm... brownies!!" Then they're like "Milk, milk!" and the little girl at the picnic table spills her milk and it starts dripping down towards the end of the table. The ants say "Milk coming!!" and then the mil gets stopped by this cheezy puff laying on the table. So the ants go "Milk stuck! Get Ben!" And the next scene is this one ant craling up the side of the table and the other ants saying "Go Ben go!" Then you see Ben like 3 inches away from the offending cheezy poof and the little girl slams her milk glass down on him, killing him. Then it close-ups on this other ant with the subtitle "@#$%&!" and this rad sound effect. It's the funniest commerical I've ever seen in my whole life. I think that's all for now... I'm exhausted and still have to shower.
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