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Do You Understand? The Dream Is Over.

Whew! It's been quite an exciting 24 hours. Last night, at 10, I began to pack for this month long trek, so at about 11:30, my Dad attempted to show me how to plug in the computer and all the phone lines and everything when I got here, but I didn't catch very much of it. Obviously, I figured it out (and it was a miracle!), and I will be able to go online now instead of dissapearing for a month! Yay! So, last night I barely slept, it sucked. Erin asked me to do her a favor this morning and drive her car over to her Mom's house. It's a 540i and the pleasure was all mine! That thing is so nice. We finally rolled out of Agoura at about 2:00. I realized that I had left my cell phone in her truck, so when I caught up to her on the freeway I was trying to tell her with the "call me" hand sign. Pretty amusing. Then we got on the 134 and there was traffic so she wanted to throw my phone through the window (she didn't). Hmm, I got some twizzlers and almonds somewhere along the way... mmm... then when we got to the show we unloaded the entire utility trailer, and moved the walls of the stalls all around to make the stalls bigger. That was a beyotch. Those things weigh like 100 pounds... but they look so light. We finished, came back her, unloaded, (I have yet to unpack), and went to dinner at Red Robin. There was this baby there that was so smart it was scary. She was lie looking at me and making prolonged eye contact and it was just so twilight zone-ish! But adorable too. Hmmm, this is probably pretty boring, but that's how my day went. Now I'm gonna unpack and go to sleep... I gotta go to Home Depot tommorow when it opens-- at 7 AM! Yikes... Goodnight.
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