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AH, Finally!!

So, my whole computer had to be totally fixed because it has MAJOR issues, then my LJ Client wasn't working, so now I'm finally back on track. I haven't written in a while! Hmm... Well, we didn't go to Universal... but I did get to go to Hollister and Ali and I spent at least 2 hours there, it was so crazy. Chris was making fun of us, oh well, we still rule. We got some really cool stuff. Last night I went to Yamato's and it was soooo good (it always is!), but it was kinda random cuz they sat us at a table with this couple... I think it was a little awkward for them to be seated with the three of us. We're, uh, vocal. Anyways, I have been running around like a maniac trying to get everything done before I leave for Indio... It's almost 9 and I'm leaving tommorow morning at 6:30 and I haven't packed (Travis's suggestion was to throw all the contents of my closet into my car instead of packing, but, uhhh...)! This is gonna be fun. Plus I'm suffering from some emotional stress due to an uncalled for incident (I won't mention any names...), in addition to my physical and environmental stress... So I'm going to bid you all adieu until next month, unless by some miracle I actually get to have internet while I'm there. I've got my finger's crossed. Adios amigos!
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